AARCC is committed to foster research collaboration broadly amongst providers of adults with congenital heart disease.

In September, 2015, after finalizing the development of a guiding administration processes and bylaws, we circulated a letter to all interested providers seeking their participation through an open applicaiton process.  In opening up research participating to a wider body, it was decided to maintain a voting membership for administration of AARCC separately.  Protocols are in place for considering and adding additional qualified individuals  to the voting membership.

AARCC became officially encorporated as a non-profit entity in 2016.  All participating members will be expected to comply with the adopted bylaws including annual payment of dues.  

Membership application can be found here.  


Anu Agarwal - UCSF

Adam Lubert - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Amber Khanna - University of Colorado

Andrew Defreitas - Northwestern

Angela Yetman - University of Nebraska

Arwa Saidi - University of Florida

Benjamin Frischhertz - Vanderbilt

Scott Cohen - Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Jonathan Cramer - University of Nebraska

Alexander Egbe - Mayo Clinic Rochester

Eric Krieger - University of Washington

Fred Wu - Boston Children’s Hospital

Gruschen Veldtman - Saudi Arabia

Jamil Aboulhosn - UCLA

Jennifer Andrews - University of Arizona

Jennifer Ting - Kaiser Permanente

Jeremy Moore - UCLA

Lan Nguyen - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Chistopher Learn - Massachusetts General Hospital

Matthew Lewis - Columbia University

Gentian Lluri - UCLA

David Majdalany - Cleveland Clinic

Marlon Rosenbaum -  Columbia University

Paul Khairy - Montreal Heart Institute

Peter Ermis - Texas Children’s Hospital

Salil Ginde - Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Sangeeta Shah - Ochsner

Shelby Kutty - Johns Hopkins

Stephen Cook - Helen DeVoss Children’s Hospital

Wayne Franklin - Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Yuli Kim - University of Pennsylvania