Active Projects

Current members interested in viewing or sharing research can request access to topic folders here.

ASD AND PAH:  Medical Therapy for Pulm HTN in ASDs


D-TRANSPOSITION OF THE GREAT ARTERIES:  Systemic Right Ventricle: Risks and Outcomes of Congestive Heart Failure

TURNERS SYNDROME:  Cardiovascular Outcomes of Pregnancy in Turner Syndrome: A Multi-Center Retrospective Case-Control Study

NEUORCOGNITIVE FUNCTIONING:  A Multi-Institutional Neurocognitive Discovery Study (MINDS) in ACHD

FONTAN ASSOCIATED LIVER DISEASE (FALD):  Predictive Value of Hepatic Fibrosis Scores in Patients with Fontan Circulation


Propose a New Project

AARCC is continually seeking new projects to propose and conduct.  Monthly conference calls are held to discuss emerging proposals from various subgroups.  The process for submitting new proposals can be found at the link below.  It involves a brief description of the research question and intended protocol, which is then submitted via email and reviewed by the AARCC protocol committee.  Feedback is provided, as well as indications of project feasibility and interest.

Download the Protocol Proposal Template and the Protocol Committee Guidelines.

Completed Projects

TACTIC:  Thromboprophylaxis for Atrial Arrhythmias in Congenital Heart Disease: a Multicenter Study.

BICUSPID AORTOPATHY: Feasibility for a randomized trial of medical therapy

HEART-ACHA.  Health Education and Access Research Trial.  A survey of new patients to ACHD centers, which seeks to identify factors affecting lapses in care and (2) improve the effectiveness of both clinical and educational efforts.

CALF: A study of the prevalence and outcome of lower extremity venous stasis and insufficiency in patients with single ventricle Fontan palliation. 

PREGNANCY STUDY.  Pregnancy and exercise capacity; a retrospective review of exercise testing results in women with ACHD before and after pregnancy.  

TOF ECHO STUDY, An exploratory cross-sectional study of Tetralogy of Fallot patients investigating the prevalence of LV systolic and diastolic dysfunction and aortic root enlargement.  


To facilitate collaboration, we encourage the use of Slack project collaboration software. It is free and HIPAA compliant. For questions on how to use Slack for your AARCC project, contact Ari Cedars. You can download Slack at